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Lawyer Kid Anecdotes: A Little Girl With Chutzpah

baby on board.jpgOur latest story comes from a parent who is willing to be publicly identified. (ATL’s default rule is anonymity.) It’s from Nicole Black, author of the excellent Sui Generis blog.
This anecdote goes to show that the children of attorneys, like so many attorneys themselves, are quite good at ignoring evidence contrary to their positions, or offering up arguments with less-than-airtight logic. Here it is:

My four-year-old is adamant that she doesn’t want another child in the family. She’s of the opinion that one younger sister is more than enough, thank you very much.

Recently, when the possibility of another sibling came up, she explained that when we have lots of company, there wouldn’t be enough room at the kitchen table and we’d have to “put the baby outside on the deck.” She quite conveniently forgot about the dining room table.

On another occasion, she explained to my husband that we couldn’t have another baby since “that car that just drove by only had two kids in it.”

Well there you go. Talk about great logic. She sure convinced me.

Okay, perhaps that’s not the most persuasive argument we’ve ever heard. But at least she’s only four; she has lots of time to hone her logical reasoning. We’ve heard contentions of similar ridiculousness from attorneys ten times her age.
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