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Michael Jackson Can Get Into Bankruptcy on His Own, Thank You Very Much

michael jackson bad album.jpgThe past few days have been full of law-related news about celebrities. E.g., Lindsay Lohan, Wesley Snipes, and Madonna. And no menagerie of stars would be complete without the King of Pop himself: Michael Jackson.
Things are getting majorly “meta” for Michael. He’s retained new lawyers to sue his former lawyers, against whom he makes some pretty wacky interesting allegations:

Michael Jackson is accusing his former attorneys of conspiring to put him into involuntary bankruptcy. In papers filed on Aug. 29 in Tarzana, Calif., but unseen until now, Jackson accuses former attorneys Ayscough & Marar of “approaching other lawyers” who represented Jackson “in an effort to get such lawyers to join [with them] in forcing Jackson into involuntary bankruptcy …”

We tend to doubt Jackson’s precarious financial condition is the fault of his lawyers. Unless they happen to be prepubescent boys demanding millions in hush money.
Jacko: Former Lawyers in Conspiracy [Fox News]

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