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Morning Docket: 10.06.06

gay marriage.jpg* ATL Stock Tip of the Day: Start shorting Pottery Barn. [How Appealing (linkwrap)]**
* A hot new trend among federal judges out west (even more popular than Bikram yoga): Benchslapping the Bush Administration over its environmental policies. [Washington Post]
* Joan Biskupic is a distinguished Supreme Court reporter; but this article is très USA Today. In tomorrow’s paper: “Justices Explain Their Views By Issuing Opinions.” [USA Today]
* Judge Jeremy Fogel (N.D. Cal.) thinks about tinkering with the machinery of death. [Los Angeles Times]
* Heh. Harvard Law School revises its first-year curriculum, in what sounds like a Yale-ish direction: less emphasis on all that boring “One L” crap — contracts, torts, property, procedure — and more emphasis on sexy stuff like “policy” and “international law.” Not far behind: Law and Basket-Weaving. [Harvard Crimson via How Appealing]
* If Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz has his way, the SEC’s corporate disclosure rules would be amended to allow him to disseminate company news via his personal blog. Who says blogs are nothing but political grandstanding or snarky commentary? Sometimes you can actually learn stuff from ’em. [WSJ Law Blog]
** Pottery Barn is actually a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma (NYSE ticker: WSM).

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