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Morning Docket: 10.11.06

above the law atl signature.JPG* The Justice Department has launched a preliminary inquiry into possible collusion in the private equity industry. We say: Anyone making that much money has GOT to be doing something naughty. [New York Times]
* What, another U.S. Attorney’s Office can be uttered in the same breath as the vaunted Southern District of New York? Sacrilege! (But then again, the S.D.N.Y. is only human: Michael Garcia is a suspected Cheetos eater.) [WSJ Law Blog; Wall Street Journal]
* The HP spying case isn’t that different from a narcotics conspiracy case. Expect everyone to turn on everyone else. [New York Times]
* General Wesley Clark’s brokerage firm declares war on a former analyst, suing him for patent infringement and cyber-squatting. [DealBook]
* Hee-hee. We love it when Bashman gets snarky (as long as we’re not the target of said snark). [How Appealing]
* Another one of our useless skills, besides offering irreverent and irrelevant commentary on legal news: good penmanship. As in cursive — ’cause we’re old school. You can actually make out the letters in our signature. [Washington Post]

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