Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 10.13.06

* First Sean Berkowitz, the lead federal prosecutor in the Enron cases, was snared by Fortune reporter Bethany McLean. Now, some of Chicago’s top law firms are vying for his affections. [Chicago Tribune via How Appealing]
* Free speech does not protect animal rights activists who harass the executives of a vaccine-making company, vandalize their homes, and bomb the company’s headquarters. That’s good to know. [San Francisco Chronicle]
* Chief Justice John Roberts looks great in pictures from his Harvard Law School days. In contrast, Eliot Spitzer — New York’s Attorney General and the state’s next governor (barring an unforeseen bus accident) — looks a bit dorky in his. [New York Times via WSJ Law Blog]
* Perhaps the best part about the case of Scott Blauvelt, the prosecutor charged with public indecency for waling around his office naked, is that we get to read news articles with the words “Nude forays” in the subhed. [Cincinnati Enquirer]
* Christian comedians are giving stand-up comedy performances at public high schools, to promote abstinence. The ACLU is worried. But have they heard these guys perform? [Washington Post]

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