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Morning Docket: 10.19.06

football 2.jpg* Yet another lawsuit against Cracker Barrel, and again it has nothing to do with how greasy and soggy the omelets are. Just saying. [CNN]
* Banning fun? They’re turning grade school into law school! [CNN]
* You’ve already heard about the melee between FIU and Miami (FL). But check out this Ivy League brawl, which brings to mind an old Onion article. [MSNBC]
* Keith Olbermann: “And if Justice Kennedy tries to change us back, we can always call him an enemy combatant.” Professor Turley lays the smack down on executive agrandizement and the new habeas law. [MSNBC]
* Note to self: if you agree to sell something for $139 million, don’t bring your buddies up to check it out during a party. But if you must, make one of those buddies a superlawyer. [WSJ Law Blog; DealBreaker]
For you fantasy football tip-seekers, see you after the jump

Fantasy football. Consider this free advice (I know, antithetical to Biglaw philosophy, but roll with it) for ATL readers. There are six teams on bye this week, so scrape the barrel for backup WRs and RBs, and play the matchups. Among the teams on bye happen to be two of the best defenses, so it should be another high-scoring weekend in your league.
Aside from the obvious, see if you can pick up or plug in these QBs: Palmer, Leftwich, Harrington, Johnson, Bledsoe, Leinart, and Kitna.
RBs playing favorable run defenses (again, besides the obvious ones): Chester Taylor, Kevin Jones, Fred Taylor (AND Jones-Drew), Foster, Tatum, Dillon/Maroney, and Addai. As for the obvious ones, look for big days from Reuben, Ronnie, Portis, Tiki, Westbrook, and the big two plus Maurice Morris (yes, stick with him this week). Start Cadillac. Also, time to plug Ahman Green back in, he’s looking at 20+ touches this week. Not sold on Rudi at this point, but if he’s your second RB, go for it, he must be due. Super sleeper: Chester Taylor. Desperate? Pick up Najeh Davenport or Michael Turner and see what develops over the next couple weeks.
WRs: all the good ones will already be taken and should be started this week. If you’re looking for fill-ins, check out the sleepers previously mentioned, some of whom have decent matchups this week: Jennings, Bryant Johnson, Cotchery, Brown, Furrey, Jurevicius, Mark Clayton, Mike Clayton, and throw in (in descending order) Evans, Branch, Chambers, Galloway, Glenn, Braylon, Williamson, Welker, Travis Taylor, and McCardell. Super sleeper: Eric Parker.
Sleeper TE’s: plug in Alex Smith, Bubba, Witten, or Dallas Clark.
Please feel free to post specific questions as comments to this page. Good luck this weekend.

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