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Morning Docket: Meet B Clerker

mystery law clerk.jpg[Ed. note: Some time ago, we asked for your help with Morning Docket. After reviewing the applications, we’ve selected two delightful writers to handle MD duties. We’re confident you’ll enjoy their most entertaining contributions.
One of these writers will be making his debut in ATL’s pages today, and he will nicely complement the existing ATL team. Your current writers — to wit, ourselves and Stella Q. — know a fair amount about trends in women’s fashion and celebrity pregnancies. But our newest recruit brings a healthy dose of testosterone sports knowledge to these pages. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to B Clerker!]
B Clerker would like to thank ATL for the opportunity to share his incredible knowledge, wit, and exaggerated ego with the blog’s bright readership. He’s currently a law clerk, like many of you are or once were, but more of a “B” clerker than an “A.”
Clerker has worked stints at large non-profits, state and federal government agencies, political organizations, state and federal courts, a small-town firm, and a large DC firm, so hopefully he can relate to many of your own experiences. He’s attended both a large state university and a private prestigious one, and he loves both of these children equally. Since there is no “fantasy litigator” league on Yahoo (yet…), he enjoys fantasy football, like many lawyers and law students, and he would be happy to post exclusive tips upon request. His interests also include tennis, Ohio, and speaking about himself in the third person.
Clerker hopes that his contributions to the Morning Docket will be an (often subtly) humorous and informative source of legal and non-legal news. He does not drink coffee, but enjoys Coke Zero and forming conclusions. He looks forward to making your acquaintance, and can’t think of anything else to type right now.

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