Non-Sequiturs: 10.10.06

cheetos.JPG* When confronted with the bag of Cheetos found in his office, U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia (S.D.N.Y.) adopts the mantra of crack cocaine defendants: “Not my bag.” Tell it to the jury, Mr. Garcia. [New York Times]
* We are huge fans of Tony Mauro and the Legal Times. But we have to ask: Why is this Breyer non-recusal story newsworthy? [Legal Times]
* It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue: “De-equitization.” So we don’t like the word. Older partners don’t like the concept. [Legal Intelligencer]
* ATL Parenting Tip of the Day: Want your daughter to grow up to be a Supreme Court clerk? Read her Sesame Street books when she’s growing up. [Balkinization]

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