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Non-Sequiturs: 10.25.06

* If this were illegal, then Hollywood would have more criminals than Compton. But Vincent Gallo claims he has never had sexual relations with this woman girl. He also uses the word “Negro.” Your call. [New York Post]
* Ever the gentleman, Cheney tries to compensate for Uglygate in a big way. He’s also been thinking about Barack McDreamy. [Los Angeles Times]
* And people say that the media is biased. Michael Moore has a worthy successor. By the way, in case it’s not crystal clear, I mean “worthy” in a sarcastic way, yes I do. [Reuters via All Media News]
* Keep this Artist/Activist/Anarchist/Archivist’s ass in jail. He sounds like a tool anyway. [NPR]
* $15.5 million buys a lot of bling. []

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