Non-Sequiturs: Special “Diversions” Edition

[Ed. note: Today’s edition of Non-Sequiturs — the maiden voyage of our new Non-Sequiturs writer, Stella Q — is somewhat less law-oriented than usual. In the interest of you getting to know Stella better, today we’ll have a little frolic and detour. But we will return to your regularly scheduled programming in the near future.]
What to do when you’re not billing or reading ATL:
* Most of you have TIVO. But TIVO is no good from work. So networks are now making their shows available for streaming for one week after the original airdate with limited commercials. I do love that irrepressible Ugly Betty. [ABC]
* I also love the adorable How I Met Your Mother, with its refreshingly affectionate look at normal people in their late 20s living in NYC, more concerned with developing their careers and relationships rather than living life according to hipster dogma or swapping STDs with one another. One of the main characters, Marshall, is a 3L at an unnamed law New York school, and a real one at that — sweet, uncool and until this season, totally devoted to his fiancée. [CBS]
* Lest you think I just watch TV, I also love music. So what exactly is the status of illegal downloading? Can we now assume that sites still up and running, like those Russian sites offering 10 cent songs and Turkish free downloads sites are legal? What would Jesus do? [Los Angeles Times]
* Listen to indie favorites not always available on the more mainstream yahoomusic or other internet radio and generate new music based on your preferences. This is one of my favorite sites and is always playing in my office. [Pandora]
* Now TV has gone vlog. Fordham Law School is the first law school to launch a video blog, or “vlog,” focusing on its criminal defense clinic. []

* is a dependable mainstay in the gossip blog world saturated with and copycats. Plus, sometimes you can spot legal issues! Like just last week, as everyone’s favorite quirky / character / unconventionally attractive actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal, was about to give birth, her landlords were planning on evicting her. I’d rather be evicted than push out a rib roast from my nether regions, but even I have to agree that finding an apartment in NYC can be a bitch. []
* And don’t forget the classic site that made the most of public records and unleased Oprah’s venom with some interesting tidbits about James Frey. Read an affidavit here and maybe use it as a precedent — Hollywood for Ugly People looks like it has its own Heidi Fleiss. No, Jessica Cutler does not show up in the Affidavit. [San Francisco Chronicle]
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