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September 2006 Couple of the Month: The Campaigning Begins

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGWe were a little disappointed in voter turnout for Legal Eagle Wedding Watch’s August 2006 Couple of the Month contest. We’re happy to report that, based on early returns, the electorate appears to be much more enthused about the September 2006 Couple of the Month contest.
Perhaps you’re intrigued by the “Survivor: Race Wars” aspect to this month’s competition. Right now the three leading couples represent three different tribes: the whites (Sheila Kadagathur and Jake Phillips);* the blacks (Michèle Lallemand and Joseph Brazil), and the gays (Adam Berger and Stephen Frank).
Who will prevail? To cast your vote, click here.
We contacted the couples whose email addresses we could find and asked them if they had any messages they’d like to distribute to the voters. We haven’t received such messages yet (and understand that Sheila and Jake are on their honeymoon).
But we did receive this lovely photograph of Beth Hansher and David Javdan:
Beth Hansher and David Javdan.jpg
Beth and David are a pulchritudinous pair. Check out Beth’s lustrous hair and toned arms. It’s too bad we didn’t have this pic when we did the initial scoring!
* A correction — please see this comment.
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