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james colliton jim colliton.jpgWhile some tax lawyers are tying the knot, others are getting tied up in knots — legal knots, of their own making.
Does the name James Colliton ring a bell? Colliton (at right) is a former tax lawyer at the Death Star super-prestigious Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He’s also the guy who was indicted on charges of paying underage girls for sex, fled to Canada, and was subsequently captured in an East Village hotel.
Despite this past attempt to flee, Colliton moved for bail — pretty cheeky. Not surprisingly, his request was denied:

“This defendant ran and tried to hide,” the judge said. “I cannot release someone who could potentially run again.”

That’s an argument not even a Cravath lawyer can refute.
Odd coincidence: Colliton is 43 years old, and the indictment against him contains 43 charges — including third-degree rape, third-degree sodomy and patronizing a prostitute. Happy Birthday, Jim!
(Anyone have firsthand knowledge of what Colliton is like? If so, please send it our way.)
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