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A Quick Post-Halloween Linkwrap

halloween pumpkin.jpgWe hope that you’ve recovered from any Halloween festivities you attended last night. For those of you who took your children trick-or-treating, we hope the kids have come down from their sugar highs.
We didn’t receive much in response to our request for funny, law-related Halloween stories. But we can offer you a few random links (some Halloween-related, and some not):
* Check out Denise Howell’s frighteningly witty, delightfully seasonal Blawg Review. [Bag and Baggage, via Blawg Review]
*A little bit of Halloween “issue spotting.” Yes, T-Ping your neighbor’s mailbox could get you in trouble. [WSJ Law Blog]
* More Halloween “issue spotting” — with some not-so-veiled lawyer advertising thrown in. [Animal New York]
* Costumes: they’re not just for kids anymore. In this case, the government has filed a motion for its witnesses to wear “light disguises.” [Southern District of Florida Blog]
* Something sure to strike fear in the hearts of the Elect: You can clerk on the Supreme Court, build a career as a successful litigator, make partner at a top law firm in your state, and STILL be declared “unqualified” for the federal bench. BOO!!! [Mississippi Sun-Herald via How Appealing]
* Something sure to strike fear in the hearts of conservatives: A new law review for the legal left. [Harvard Law & Policy Review]
* Not explicitly Halloween-themed, but scary. [Craigslist]
* Very scary: the childlike font the Fifth Circuit employs for its captions. It makes you want to ask the Clerk of Court if he was happy with last night’s candy haul. Oh, and the opinion is interesting too. [Fifth Circuit (PDF) via How Appealing]
Earlier: A Happy Halloween from ATL

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