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ATL Party Crash: The Final Fed Soc Photos

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Our series of photo posts from the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention has been popular. The prior installments are available here, here, and here.

Our camera is now emptied out. The last of our Fed Soc photos, after the jump.

(For ease of reference, the pictures are numbered; the numbers pick up from our last photo post.)

Fed Soc 24.JPG

22. Ladies who lunch: Federalist Society “First Lady” Lori Meyer, wife of Society president Eugene Meyer, and Mrs. Dennis Jacobs, wife of Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs (Second Circuit), after the Fed Soc annual luncheon.
Fed Soc 25.JPG

23. The Coliseum: It was in this function room that the conservative and libertarian gladiators did battle.
Fed Soc 27.JPG

24. Two frighteningly brilliant young academics: Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz and Professor Nita Farahany.
Fed Soc 28.JPG

25. Josh Kleinfeld and Lawrence VanDyke, current clerks to the fabulous Judge Janice Rogers Brown (D.C. Circuit); J. Alexander Cooke, of Skadden Arps; and Timothy Schnabel, of WilmerHale.
Schnabel is a former clerk to Judge Brown. Cooke is the only non-JRB clerk in the photo — he clerked for another awesome jurist, Judge Morris Arnold (Eighth Circuit).
Fed Soc 29.JPG

26. Smile if you’re an Article III judge! The Honorable Carlos Bea (Ninth Circuit).
Fed Soc 30.JPG

27. Texas Solicitor General R. Ted Cruz; Gregory Jacob, Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy; Jennifer Koester Hardy, of Kirkland & Ellis; and Susanna Dokupil, assistant solicitor general for the great state of Texas.

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