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Do All White People Look Alike?

No, definitely not. Due to their variegated hair and eye color, white people have the best claim to internal diversity in appearance.
But these two white people DO look alike:
Amanda Sylvester Kayce Schildauer Above the Law Legal Blog.JPG
As a result, this screw-up — while mortifying and GI-normous — is somewhat understandable:

“We are horribly sorry,” the cop said. The 17-year-old girl who was wrongly locked in jail for seven days might be feeling terribly lucky.

Amanda Sylvester might still be in jail, facing criminal charges that included aiding and abetting a robbery [of a Kwik Stop convenience store], were it not for an anonymous tip to a Crimestopper hotline….

A week later, the Crimestopper tip led to the arrest of Kayce Schildhauer, 19, of North Platte.

Pretty bad. But hey, it could be worse. Remember this story?
Innocent Girl Held A Week In North Platte Jail [North Platte Bulletin]
(Gavel Bang: Drudge Report (of course, ’cause Matt’s a sucker for s*** like this))

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