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Fun With SCOTUS Transcripts

scotus hallway Above the Law.jpgLaw dorks around America rejoiced when the Supreme Court announced it would be making available free, same-day, online transcripts of oral arguments. Because we wouldn’t have to wait for amusing typographical errors, would we?
One of you points out:

Very funny transcription error in Gonzalez v. Carhart. Justice Stevens and Solicitor General Clement are sparring about the question of viability, and Clement says: “Yes. Because the issue is whether it’s going to be performed in Ute row.”

Sounds like a reservation prison in eastern Utah. First casinos, now abortions. Those pesky natives just keep cornering depraved markets left and right.

Actually, that wasn’t what we thought of when we saw the typo. “Ute Row” sounds like a street to us — or maybe, you know, a back alley.
(Disclaimer: This post is not making light of abortion, dead babies, or women who would die if abortion were criminalized. It is simply making light of a typo — and calling it to the attention of the Court, so they can have it fixed in the final version of the transcript. You’re welcome.)
(SCOTUS hallway photo from stock.xchng, which is a great resource for stock photography. Bloggers will appreciate its comprehensive collection of royalty-free images, which their owners have placed in the public domain for anyone to use. You can check out the pics that we have taken and contributed by clicking here.)
Gonzales v. Carhart Oral Argument Transcript (PDF) (p. 13, lines 11-12) [Supreme Court]
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