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If We End Up Getting Stuck With That Perv… Blame Canada

canada canadian flag.gifThe United States and Canada are playing “hot potato” with sex offender Malcolm Watson. Here’s the latest development in the story (which we’ve been following):

An American teacher allowed to serve probation in Ontario for a misdemeanour sex offence was never “exiled” to Canada as was widely reported, the U.S. judge who approved the deal said yesterday.

Even before hearing a motion seeking to amend Malcolm Watson’s probation terms, Judge Thomas Kolbert made a point of addressing the political firestorm ignited by reports that a U.S. sex offender had been “banished” to Canada.

“This court never banished nor exiled Mr. Watson to Canada,” Judge Kolbert said.

Nevertheless, because of the resulting media uproar, the prosecution filed a motion seeking to amend Watson’s probation terms — to make him do his probation in Erie County, New York. The motion is under submission; the parties have three weeks to provide the judge with more information.
How does Mr. Watson feel about possibly having to serve out his sentence in the United States?

Outside the court, defence lawyer Tom Eoannou warned that if Mr. Watson is forced to stay in the U.S., he might yet force a trial.

So Watson hates us. He’s a Canadian, all right.
Sex Offender Not ‘Exiled’ to Canada, Judge Says [Canada Press via How Appealing]
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