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Interview Horror Stories: Wait ‘Til You Have the Offer Before Busting Out the Piercings

nose ring nosering Above the Law.jpgOver the years, law firms have become more relaxed about the attire and appearance of their associates. But there are limits. From the National Law Journal:

“It’s really hard,” said [hiring partner Matthew] Jones, with Duane Morris. He recently interviewed 18 University of Virginia School of Law students in about six hours. He had 15 minutes to eat lunch.

Still, sometimes making a decision is not too difficult. “I had someone come into an interview with a nose ring,” Jones said. “I liked her, but how could I present her to a senior partner?”

To paraphrase Alicia Silverstone in Clueless: “Dee, when you have a Biglaw interview, take out your nose ring.”
(Query: Should the NALP promulgate a rule protecting job applicants with noserings?)
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