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Morning Docket: 11.02.06

* Possible settlement in the Ohio voter ID case. [Dispatch]
* “‘Not cool’ is not a legal argument.” [WSJ Law Blog]
* Close polling in some marriage ballot measures. [Wash Times via How Appealing]
* “U.S. privacy protections rank among the worst in the democratic world, a London-based privacy organization said Wednesday.” [MSNBC]
* Ann Coulter is accused of voter fraud, in violation of both Florida law and the Code of Irony. [CNN]
Fantasy football tips, after the jump.

If you’re trying to get through a bye week or two, try some of the following plug-ins (or perhaps pick-ups, depending on the size of your league) with favorable Week 9 matchups:
Damon Huard (last chance!), Tony Romo (love to TO owners), Owen Daniels (although don’t expect last week’s explosiveness), Leon Washington (will get better), Mike Bell (more touches expected), and Travis Henry (good matchup). If Wali Lundy is still available in your league, get him. This week looks decent for Garrard and Losman, too. If you’re just looking to flip a coin this week or next, err on the side of starting players whose teams are up against weak defenses such as SF, Tenn, Indy (especially RBs), Jets (ditto), Cleveland, Oakland, Houston, and GB. SD, Chicago, Baltimore, Pitt, and Jax, on the flip side, are generally tough matchups.
Some winners of RB battles are emerging, at least for now: Taylor appears to be edging out Jones-Drew, Addai over Rhodes, Maroney over Dillon, Lundy over Gado, Green over others in GB, Mike over Tatum, and Deuce over Reggie.

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