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Morning Docket: 11.06.06

saddam hussein.jpg* Not to be cynical (you know that’s not like me), but was there ever any doubt about this? Several links to coverage of Saddam’s fate at How Appealing. [How Appealing]
* So, word is there are some elections coming up tomorrow. And, um, they must be important, or something. Check this out. [CNN.com]
* The prosecution must have used up its peremptory strikes before it noticed the two Swedish-businessmen-car-thieves left in the pool. [CNN.com]
* Speaking of elections: Boy, I tell ya; everytime you back a rebellion to oust them, they just vote ’em back in 16 years later. But hey, democracy lives, right? [AP via Yahoo! News]
* Yeah, yeah, yeah. What I wanna know is, are they gonna bust him for buying the meth? I mean, we’ve got a live on CNN confession. [AP via Online Athens]

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