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NYU Law Students: Dorkily Desirable?

New York University Law School NYU Law School Above the Law.JPGThe NYU Law School hotties contest that we mentioned yesterday is still underway. The polls will close at 11:59 PM on November 30.
Alas, the Geocities voting site — which a commenter claimed was operational earlier today — appears to have gone down again. So we’re unable to see what all the fuss is about.
We did enjoy this exchange about the hotness of NYU law school students over at Gawker:

Gigi: From my experience: Stringy-looking over-achievers, Borderline Aspergers, Awkward footwear, Douche-y attitudes, Most hideous college sweatshirts ever. Lame.

dorkattack: We may be dorky, douche-y, and dowdy. But every day when I walk to class in my practical shoes, outdated jeans, and enormous backpack, I pass through a herd of undergrads in ass-gripping tights, gold lame’ belts, and fuck-me heels talking about last night’s coke-fueled threesome and how they are finding acting lessons to be so incredibly intellectually stimulating. Honestly, I’d rather hang out with people who can’t dress, are awkwardly argumentative, and can’t stop talking about Scalia. NYU law: Holla!

(We think dorkattack has the better of the argument — but of course we’re biased.)
Although the voting site is unavailable, a tipster was kind enough to send along the email message that went around to NYU 3Ls promoting the contest. We reprint the message in its entirety, after the jump.
NYU Law Students: Hot or Not? [Gawker]
Who Are the Most Attractive 3Ls at NYU? [Geocities]

Here it is:
Dear 3Ls:
With the elections over, you’re probably going into voting withdrawal and looking for a way to stave off the cold sweats and shaking. Don’t worry; we’re here with your fix. You’ll get to decide that hotly debated but never settled question: “Who are the most attractive 3Ls at NYU?” Vote now for your favorite ten, and embrace another method of procrastinating for finals.
Go to and select the ten 3Ls you find most attractive. You can divide your ten selections between men and women any way you’d like. The deadline for voting is 11:59pm on November 30. The results will be posted and emailed soon afterwards.
Be sure to include your net id with your votes. You have our word that your votes will be kept confidential; your net id will be used only to email your selections back to you. That’s to make sure that no one votes more than once.
Be sure to select no more than ten people. Choosing more than ten will disqualify your ballot.
You might find it helpful to peruse the law school picture book as you make your selections. You all probably have it bookmarked anyway, admit it. Keep in mind that many transfers don’t have pictures. Don’t hold that against them. There are some cuties in the bunch.
We want to emphasize that “attractive” can mean whatever you want it to. There’s no requirement that physical appearance play any role in your selections. How you vote is completely up to you, with the only guidelines those you choose for yourself. After all, “personality goes a long way.”
If the demarcation of students by seemingly arbitrary criteria bothers you, perhaps you shouldn’t have come to law school. We can call it “Hot Review,” if that makes you feel better. Oh, and chill out. It’s just for fun. You have the rest of your life to hate what you do.
Lastly, please forward this to any other 3Ls that might be interested in voting. We were only able to email about half of all 3Ls. Also, if someone would be so kind as to ridicule what we’re doing on Coases, we would be most appreciative (as long as you post this email, that is).
You might think this is all immature, stupid, and a waste of time. You’re probably right. But then again (to paraphrase Ferris), so is third year of law school.
Happy voting!

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