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Accept the Things You Cannot Change: Blackberry Addiction

A 12-step program for Blackberry addicts strikes us as an exercise in futility. When we worked at a law firm, we took our Blackberry with us everywhere. Once we Blackberried a paralegal from the dentist’s chair — while waiting for the anesthesia to wear off, after having four wisdom teeth removed.
In fact, establishing “Blackberry-free” time periods could end up getting you in trouble. Under certain circumstances, it might constitute malpractice. We agree with commenter Willie:

This all sounds swell in theory, but until clients agree to obey the same rules, it will be difficult to observe these common sensical boundaries.

As for the so-called “BlackBerry orphans,” kids who feel neglected by their Blackberry-obsessed parents, the solution is simple. Follow Arianna Huffington’s example: get your child a Blackberry of her own. Then she’ll spend all her time emailing with her friends, instead of bothering you while you’re trying to get work done.
It’s never too early to give your kid a Blackberry. Even babies can appreciate them:
Blackberry baby.JPG
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