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Associate Bonus Watch: Has Cravath Announced?

stack of bills cash money.jpgThat’s the latest rumor over at Infirmation/Greedy NY. As for numbers, they are said to be the same as last year’s Cravath bonuses.
Caveat: This is UNCONFIRMED. If you can confirm or have a memo, please email us (tips AT abovethelaw DOT com). We’re contacting our own Cravath sources and will get back to you shortly.
Update (11:16 AM): According to multiple Cravath sources, there has been no announcement yet. But one is expected VERY SOON:

We think there will be an announcement tonight. Rumor is that Cravath will not top, only match.

If Cravath matches Milbank, it will essentially be matching the 2005 Cravath bonuses, which ranged from $30,000 to $60,000 (identical to this year’s Milbank bonuses, except with a lower ceiling). To match Milbank exactly, Cravath would need to bump up its top bonus to $65K (from last year’s $60K).
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