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Associate Bonus Watch: More Skadden Data; Friday Open Thread

stack of bills cash money.jpgA follow-up on our two prior Skadden Arps bonus posts.
What we’re now hearing is that Skadden’s non-New York offices have circulated their bonus memos, but that nobody in the New York office has received a memo yet. This strikes us as odd. But it is true that all the numbers we’ve received thus far have been from offices outside New York.
To recap, these are the data points we do have (from non-NY offices). All are consistent with the standard market bonuses, except as indicated.
Class of 2005: $35,000
Class of 2004: $40,000
Class of 2003: $40,000*
Class of 2002: $50,000
Class of 2001: $55,000
Class of 1999: $65,000
Class of 1998: $70,000**
Class of 1997: $75,000**
* Below market; but Skadden’s base of $175,000 for 2003 grads is $5,000 higher than the other firms, so total compensation is the same.
** Just like Sullivan & Cromwell bonuses, Skadden bonuses don’t top out at $60K or $65K (unlike bonuses at most other firms).
Update (8:30 PM): According to this comment, Skadden NY bonus memos were delivered this evening, after the close of business. Same numbers as the other offices.
If you have any more Skadden info, please email us.
Finally, this is the Friday open thread. We’re stepping away from our computer for a while. Feel free to post breaking news or random thoughts, on Biglaw bonuses or any other (vaguely law-related) topic, in the comments. Thanks.
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