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Judge Denny Chin: Born To Run

Denny Chin Judge Denny Chin Above the Law.jpgTime for a quick break from Biglaw and bonuses. Earlier this week, Judge Denny Chin (S.D.N.Y.) dismissed a lawsuit by a Florida man who blamed the Atkins diet for his heart troubles. As the WSJ Law Blog points out, Judge Chin offered some dieting tips in the opinion:

In a footnote, Judge Chin wrote that he has had success with his own “much simpler diet, which can be described in four words: Run more, eat less.”

We’d like to supplement this coverage. Judge Chin is one of many federal judges who enjoy running, and he runs regularly with his law clerks. They go for a vigorous morning jog through downtown Manhattan or along the Hudson River, then stop for steamed Chinese pork buns on the way back to chambers.

(But given all the weight that Judge Chin has successfully lost since taking up the sport, we’re guessing he consumes the Siu Bao in only moderate quantities.)

Judge Chin took up running only seven years ago. Since then he has completed the New York City marathon four times. How fast was he?

Here’s his NYC marathon history:

Denny Chin New York Marathon NYC Marathon history.JPG

In his best performance, in 2001, Judge Chin finished the marathon in 4:24:11 — a most respectable time, especially given the course’s grueling nature. Congratulations, Your Honor!

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