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NYU 3L Hotties: The Winners!!!

NYU law school hotties Noa Clark Marcos Arellano.GIFSome unidentified NYU Law School students held a contest to find the hottest male and female third-year law students. They came up with two slates of winners: ten hot men, and ten hot women.
Unfortunately, these NYU 3L hotties weren’t ranked. But we got a hold of their facebook photos and turned the proceedings over to you. You voted for the hottest woman and the hottest man in the NYU third-year class. And now, thousands of votes later, here are your winners:




Congratulations to Noa and Marcos, both worthy of this high honor. Time to update your résumés, kids!
For Marcos, who overtook early leader Michael Okoye to win, consider this testimonial:

A Latin lover (1/2 Mexican) with southern charm and a southern accent (grew up in NC), how do you beat that? My vote goes to Marcos…

As for Noa, the proof is in the pudding. Just take a look at her photo. With her blonde locks, blindingly white smile, and model’s features, Ms. Clarke’s victory is not surprising. She prevailed over the second-place contestant, Rachael McCracken, with a double-digit margin.
We couldn’t have conducted this contest without a lot of help. We thank the voters in the original hotties contest, the tipsters who informed us of the results, and the individuals who provided us with the photos. You have our deepest gratitude.
For those of you who are curious, the complete results for both contests appear after the jump. Thanks to everyone who voted!

new york university nyu law school hottie results.GIF
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