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An Open Letter to Shanetta Y. Cutlar

Shanetta Cutlar Above the Law Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Special Litigation Section Above the Law.jpgWith respect to our continuing coverage of the Justice Department’s Special Litigation Section, some of you have asked to hear Shanetta Cutlar’s side of the story.
For the record, we have tried to reach out to Ms. Cutlar. Unfortunately, the various email addresses that we tried to contact her at —, — didn’t work. (And we are too scared of her to pick up the telephone.)
Update: One of you sent us a different email address for Shanetta Cutlar, and this address apparently worked. See here.
So, in the hope that Shanetta Cutlar or someone she knows will read this post, we’d like to publish this open letter to her:

Dear Ms. Cutlar:

Greetings. My name is David Lat, and I am the editor of Above the Law (, an online legal tabloid.

As someone who deeply admires strong and successful women, I am a huge fan of yours. Congratulations on your IACP Civil Rights Award!

We have previously written about you here at Above the Law. Although it is not as prestigious as the IACP award, you are a two-time winner of our “DOJ Diva of the Day” Award:

Additional coverage can be accessed here:

I was just writing to mention that if you would like to respond to any of our coverage, please do not hesitate to contact me. We would be happy to publish any statement you might wish to make. In addition, if you might like to send us a photograph of yourself that we could use when writing about you, we would be most grateful.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration. Hope all is well in the Special Litigation Section!

Best regards,

Earlier: Prior coverage of the Special Litigation Section under Shanetta Cutlar (scroll down)

(hidden for your protection)

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