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Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell: Does S&C Hate Gays (and Canadians)?

Are you a gay law student or lawyer? Are you thinking about possibly working at the New York powerhouse law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell?
Before you apply to S&C, you might want to first check out this complaint, filed today in the New York Supreme Court (a trial court, despite the misleading name).
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Allegations of discrimination against gays AND Canadians (there’s a difference); a headshot of the handsome plaintiff; and a link to the full complaint. All this and more awaits you, after the jump.

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Aaron Brett Charney headshot.jpgBased on paragraph 6 of the Complaint, as well as Aaron Charney’s bio on the firm website (headshot at right — he’s cute!), it seems that he’s still at S&C. Wow, that’s gotta be awkward….
We received a copy of this complaint by email, just a few minutes ago, and we’re still in the process of reading it. We will obviously have more to say about this after we’ve had a chance to review the document in its entirety.
But in the meantime, here’s a link to the full Complaint, so you can read it for yourself:
Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell (PDF)
Please feel free to email us with your thoughts, or draw our attention to the most interesting and juicy portions. Thanks!
Update (1:24 PM): It appears that Aaron Charney has posted about his lawsuit over at Infirmation / Greedy NY. See here.
Update (1:29 PM): From the New York Observer’s Daily Transom, which contacted both Charney and S&C for comment:

According to Mr. Charney, he is still employed at the firm, and is representing himself.

In the documents filed this morning, Charney claims that [corporate partner Eric J. Krautheimer] tossed a document at Mr. Charney’s feet, and said, “Bend over and pick it up — I’m sure you like that.”

The complaint also alleges discrimination against Canadians.

An assistant to firm chairman H. Rodgin Cohen said he was in a meeting and could not immediately respond.

Update (3:10 PM): We interviewed Aaron Charney over the telephone. Check it out here.
Update (4:19 PM): The Firm’s statement is available here.
Update (1/21/07): We have been covering this story extensively every since it broke. For the latest news, access our complete Aaron Charney archives, and check out the top of the page.
Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell [AaronCharney.com (PDF)]
S&C Sued For Sexual Orientation Discrimination & Retaliation
[Infirmation / Greedy NY]
Aaron Brett Charney [Sullivan & Cromwell LLP]
Gay Discrimination Suit Filed Against White-Shoe Law Firm [The Daily Transom / New York Observer]

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