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Congratulations To… Us!

trophy eyes on the prize.gifFor being named “Best New Law Blog,” in the 2006 Blawg Review Awards.
We feel we’re in good company. Here are some of the other awardees:

Blogging Persona of the Year: Jeremy Blachman

Best Blog by a Law Professor: MauledAgain

Best Blog by a Law Student: Lawyerlike

Best Law Professor Group Blog: Concurring Opinions

Best Law Student Group Blog: De Novo

Best Blawg Theme: Overlawyered

Congratulations to these and all of the other deserving winners.
Also, check out Blawg Review #89, by clicking here. The #100 milestone is within sight!
Blawg Review Awards 2006 [Blawg Review]
Blawg Review #89 [Blawg Review]

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