trophy eyes on the prize.gifFor being named “Best New Law Blog,” in the 2006 Blawg Review Awards.
We feel we’re in good company. Here are some of the other awardees:

Blogging Persona of the Year: Jeremy Blachman

Best Blog by a Law Professor: MauledAgain

Best Blog by a Law Student: Lawyerlike

Best Law Professor Group Blog: Concurring Opinions

Best Law Student Group Blog: De Novo

Best Blawg Theme: Overlawyered

Congratulations to these and all of the other deserving winners.
Also, check out Blawg Review #89, by clicking here. The #100 milestone is within sight!
Blawg Review Awards 2006 [Blawg Review]
Blawg Review #89 [Blawg Review]

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