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Fun Fact of the Day: Justice Ginsburg’s Surprising Past

When President Bush delivered the State of the Union last night, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not one of the four Supreme Court justices in attendance.

Oddly enough, however, Justice Ginsburg and President Bush aren’t as far apart as one might think. They share something in common:

Both Justice Ginsburg and President Bush were cheerleaders!!!

President Bush’s career as a college cheerleader is well-known. But did you know that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a cheerleader too, at Madison High School, in Brooklyn, New York?

We are not kidding. More details available from Ted Frank. It goes without saying that we would LOVE a copy of that yearbook photo.

UPDATE: Alas, the link to Ted Frank’s blog no longer works. But you can read about Justice Ginsburg’s cheerleading career, as well as her other high school activities, over here.

Look, anything is possible. If little Olive Hoover (Abigail Breslin) can be a beauty pageant contestant, in Little Miss Sunshine — which just snagged Oscar nominations for Best Picture and for Breslin’s performance, among others — then surely RBG can be a cheerleader.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg cheerleader beauty queen Little Miss Sunshine.JPG

Justice Ginsburg, cheerleader [Lagniappe / Ted Frank]

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