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Legal Bloggers + Law Professors = One Bitchin’ Party

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Last night, in Washington, DC, the coolest place to be was Cloud. This restaurant, bar and lounge, located on Dupont Circle, hosted a fantastic party of law professors and legal bloggers. Morton’s after the Oscars ain’t got nothing on this scene.
The festivities were co-sponsored by two fiercely competitive legal academic blogs: Concurring Opinions and PrawfsBlawg. Because of the big AALS annual meeting here in D.C., many law professors — and leading legal bloggers — were in attendance.
(Note to Dan Markel: In the preceding paragraph, we listed Concurring Opinions before PrawfsBlawg based solely on alphabetical order. We realize, of course, that PrawfsBlawg existed well before Concurring Opinions. And that, like, half of Concurring Opinions traffic comes from Google searches for nude photos of Jennifer Aniston. So we intend no disrespect to PrawfsBlawg.)
We took several pictures of legal geniuses lubricating their intellectual gears with alcoholic beverages. The first batch of our photographs appears after the jump.

Toby Heytens Brian Galle John Bronsteen Jeff Hauser.JPG
Toby Heytens, of UVA; Brian Galle, of FSU; John Bronsteen, of Loyola-Chicago; and Jeff Hauser, of the NJDC.
Trivia: Toby Heytens is one of the Elect (OT 2002/Ginsburg), as well as a former Bristow Fellow. Brian Galle drives a hybrid car. John Bronsteen used to have a winter coat that made him look like an Eskimo. Jeff Hauser’s birthday is tomorrow. This makes him a Capricorn.
Adam Gurowitz Carlton Larson.JPG
Adam Gershowitz, of South Texas College of Law; and Carlton Larson, of UC-Davis.
Trivia: Adam Gershowitz’s students think he’s hot (and with good reason — this isn’t the best photo). Carlton Larson hails from North Dakota. He’s a colleague and friend of Professor Bruce Wolk, America’s hottest ERISA lawyer.
Dan Solove Daniel Solove.JPG
Daniel Solove, of GW Law School.
Trivia: Dan Solove is one of the founders of Concurring Opinions. He would like to challenge Dan Markel of PrawfsBlawg to a duel. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the best places in D.C. for Sunday brunch.
Laura Appleman Frank Pasquale Deven Desai.JPG
Laura Appleman, of Willamette; Frank Pasquale, of Seton Hall; and Deven Desai, of Thomas Jefferson.
Trivia: Laura Appleman, who is fabulous, has been featured in the New York Times wedding announcements. She is married to fellow law prof David Friedman, our law school classmate. Frank Pasquale is affable and tall (6’6″). Deven Desai enjoys sushi. He went to high school with leading bloggers Joshua Micah Marshall, of Talking Points Memo, and John Scalzi, of Whatever.
Disclosures: Law — it’s a small, small world. We were on the same college debate team as Brian Galle, John Bronsteen, Jeff Hauser, and Carlton Larson. We’ve actually known John Bronsteen since high school. We went to law school with John Bronsteen, Carlton Larson, Dan Solove, Laura Appleman, Frank Pasquale, and Deven Desai. We went to college with Frank Pasquale. We clerked on the Ninth Circuit at the same time as Dan Solove.
Whew! There will be a quiz on all this tomorrow.
This is just the first set of our photos from the party. More will follow in a subsequent post. So check back soon!
Update: The rest of our party photos are available here.

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