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Movie Night With Justice Breyer (Part 1)

Stephen Breyer 2 Stephen G Breyer Dan Froomkin Above the Law.JPG
Poor Justice Breyer — he’s totally trapped! (But nice necktie, Your Honor. Is it Hermes?)

Supreme Court justices: They’re just like us. They get cornered at cocktail parties by matronly women they don’t really know.

And no, that’s not Beverly D’Angelo, aka Barbara “Babs” Miller of Entourage. We wish.

But yes, that is the Washington Post’s Dan FroomkinFROOMKIN!!! — over her shoulder, on the far right.
Last week, we attended a movie night with Justice Stephen G. Breyer, sponsored by The Week magazine. It was held at the Phillips Collection, an amazing modern art museum here in Washington, DC. We were treated to cocktails and dinner, followed by a screening of The Third Man — Justice Breyer’s cinematic selection.
Photographs, plus brief commentary, after the jump.

We apologize for the poor quality of these photographs. Initially we used a flash, but then we were told by an event organizer that flash photography is not permitted inside the museum. So we then had to make do without a flash — which wasn’t easy, since the space was rather dark.
The Week 2 The Week The Week Above the Law Above the Law.JPG
Our host for the evening: The Week magazine. It’s a great round-up of the biggest news, and the best stories, in the U.S. and international media. By the time you finish reading an issue, you feel like you’re all caught up with the world. It’s like The Economist — but capable of being read in a single sitting.
Margaret Carlson 1.JPG
Margaret Carlson (in glasses), another law school graduate turned journalist and writer. She was the first woman columnist at Time magazine, and she also previously served as editor of the Legal Times. As Wikipedia points out, “[s]he is unrelated to television journalist Tucker Carlson.”
Justin Smith 1 Junko Tokuda Josephine Cooper Above the Law.JPG
Left to right: Junko Tokuda; Justin Smith, publisher of The Week (and one of our bosses, as an owner of Dead Horse Media); and Josephine Cooper.
Tokuda is assistant manager for advertising and marketing at Toyota, and Cooper is group vice-president of government and industry affairs for Toyota. Oh what a feeling!
Justin Smith 2 Margaret Carlson Above the Law.JPG

Seth Waxman 2 Seth P Waxman Above the Law.JPG
Yes, fellow legal dorks — that’s Seth Waxman, former Solicitor General, in the glasses!
(Seeing him made us weak in the knees. We had to wait until the dinner hour to summon up the courage to talk to him.)
To Waxman’s right, in the grey blazer: the distinguished academic, lawyer, and journalist, Professor Roger Wilkins, currently the Clarence J. Robinson Professor of History and American Culture at George Mason University.
Justin Smith 3 Margaret Carlson Stephen Breyer Stephen G Breyer Above the Law Above the Law.JPG

Seth Waxman 1 Seth P Waxman Above the Law.JPG
Could it be? Could the woman on the left be Valerie Mahaffey, aka “Alma Hodge,” of Desperate Housewives?
Stephen Breyer 2 Stephen G Breyer Stephen Breyer Justin Smith Margaret Carlson Above the Law.JPG
Justin Smith; Justice Stephen Breyer; and the unidentified Beverly D’Angelo doppelganger. (Margaret Carlson was in the huddle too, but you can’t really see her in this pic.)
These are the photos we took during the cocktail hour. Pictures from the dinner and the movie screening will follow later.
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