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Non-Sequiturs: 01.12.07

* The Snark’s spin on Plus ça change…. [New York Lawyer]
(Yes, New York Lawyer is a registration-only site, but The Snark may be worth it; if you are not as thirsty for funny as I am, then check out the The Daily Report, where The Snark’s weekly column is freely available a week after it is published.)
* As you regular readers no doubt know, we here at ATL enjoy our celeb gossip. But this time, it’s your fault if I say “big lips” and you think Angelina. [AP via Racialicious]
* This deserves more than a N-S mention, but the disparity between executive compensation and minimum wage, with the periodic efforts to pre-empt an uprising of the working man “narrow” the gap, depresses me too much to go on. [Workplace Prof Blog]
* When I think criminal defense, I think The Practice. And yummy Dylan McDermott. And then I stop thinking altogether. But surely, this PD’s job is better than “doing hair.” [Audacity]

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