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Brokeback Lawfirm: A Photo Essay (Part 2)

Charney S&C 028B New York Supreme Charney Aaron Charney Sullivan Cromwell Above the Law.JPG
60 Centre Street, home to the New York State Supreme Court, where Aaron Charney and Sullivan & Cromwell did battle last week.
Last Thursday, we trekked up to New York City, to cover a hearing in the cases of Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell and Sullivan & Cromwell v. Charney (collectively, “Brokeback Lawfirm”).
We took a bunch of pictures. We previously posted some of them over here.
Now we deliver the rest of our photos. They appear after the jump.

As before, these photographs are thumbnails. You can click on each image for a close-up.
When we last left off, the S&C crew had left the building. Next to emerge where Aaron Charney’s lawyers:
Charney S&C 017A.JPG
Daniel Alterman, of Alterman & Boop, and Laura Schnell, of Eisenberg & Schnell, descending the front stairs at 60 Centre Street.
Charney S&C 018B Daniel Alterman Dan Alterman Laura Schnell.JPG
Laura Schnell turns and smiles for the cameras. Hi Laura!
If S&C settles this case for a halfway decent sum, Dan Alterman is going to buy himself a new hat. The two-dollar job he bought from that sidewalk vendor in Chinatown is not doing the trick.
Charney S&C 019B Herbert Eisenberg Herb Eisenberg Daniel Alterman Dan Alterman Laura Schnell Aaron Charney.JPG
The Aaron Charney crew, shot from behind.
Herbert Eisenberg is the guy on the left with the backpack. We’ll have more to say about that in our fashion write-up.
Charney S&C 020B Dan Alterman Daniel Alterman Aaron Charney.JPG
Dan Alterman turns around and waves at us (kinda-sorta).
It’s not much. But it’s better than being told by him that we “f**ed up.”
Charney S&C 021B Charles Stillman John Harris Above the Law Aaron Charney.JPG
Charles Stillman and John Harris, of Stillman, Friedman & Shechtman, lawyers to Sullivan & Cromwell (along with Paul Hastings).
Stillman is in the pea-green overcoat, on his cell phone. Presumably he’s talking to his Town Car driver:

“I need you to pull up right in front of the building…. Yes, as close as you can…. I don’t want to be kept waiting in the cold. And there are Blogger People camped out there!”

Charney S&C 023B Charles Stillman John B Harris John Harris Charles A Stillman Above the Law Aaron Charney.JPG
Charles Stillman and John Harris, descending the stairs.
We noticed in the courtroom that Stillman has his right arm in a sling. The reason he looks pregnant and armless in this pic is presumably because he has his right arm in a sling and under his overcoat, rather than inside his coat sleeve.
Charney S&C 024B Charles A Stillman Charles Stillman John Harris John B Harris Aaron Charney Above the Law.JPG
Charles Stillman gives us a quizzical look. (Click on the thumbnail to see what we mean.)
Stillman’s black felt hat, which looks positively lush up close, is WAY nicer than the 7-Eleven-Robber-Hat worn by Dan Alterman.
Charney S&C 025B Charles Stillman Charles A Stillman John Harris John B Harris Aaron Charney Above the Law.JPG
Charney S&C 026B Charles Stillman John Harris Aaron Charney Above the Law.JPG
A haunting image of Charles Stillman from behind, with a conspicuously missing right hand.
Nothing says “I’m a bad ass” like a missing appendage.
Charney S&C 027B John Harris John B Harris Charles Stillman Charles A Stillman Above the Law.JPG
Has Charles Stillman dropped something? Some change? Maybe his cell phone?
In the now-immortal words of Eric Krautheimer: “Bend over and pick it up — I’m sure you like that.”
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