Some of you question our frenzied speculation that a settlement in the case is imminent (or has already been reached). Fair enough. Maybe we’re getting all excited over nothing.
(It wouldn’t be the first time. Getting excited over nothing is a blogger’s job description.)
We decided to check the docket for any interesting entries. We tried looking up Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell using WebCivil Supreme, the docket search tool that’s available for free to the public. Alas, our search came up empty:
Charney docket.JPG
But we don’t know if the database we accessed is complete or comprehensive. Can someone with access to CaseTrac, a more advanced docket monitoring tool, please look up the Charney case, and tell us what you find? Thanks.
Update (11:55 PM): OMG — they are DEFINITELY not settling. Instead, Sullivan & Cromwell has turned around and sued Aaron Charney!!!
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell (scroll down)

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