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Gallion & Spielvogel: Evolution of a Website

Last night,, the website of Gallion & Spielvogel — the extremely prestigious, highly regarded, supremely pedigreed, boutique law firm — looked like this:
Gallion Spielvogel 2 gsbarristers Edward Gallion Steven Spielvogel.jpg
Yup, that’s right — just lots of blank grey space. is an internet hosting company and service provider, which presumably hosts the Gallion & Spielvogel site.
This morning, however, sports a whole new look:
Gallion Spielvogel 3 gsbarristers Edward Gallion Steven Spielvogel.jpg
Très understated. Perhaps Gallion & Spielvogel is taking the Hollywood talent agency route, with a minimal to non-existent web presence? See, e.g., CAA (where we once worked for a summer).
We sincerely hope that this is NOT the case. We pray that the current site is merely a placeholder, to be replaced on some future date with a more elaborate presentation. We’re already missing paeans to the name partners’ “coveted,” “extremely prestigious” clerkships, as well as encomiums to their stints at Sullivan & Cromwell, “one of the most prominent Wall Street law firms,” where they represented “many of the world’s largest corporations,” and “any number” of corporate executives.
We want the old to return. Please, guys, come back — we miss you!
Gallion & Spielvogel [current, official website] [older version of website, via]
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