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More About Docket Review With Shanetta Cutlar

Shanetta Cutlar 2 Shanetta Y Cutlar Shanetta Brown Cutlar DOJ SPL Special Litigation Section Civil Rights Division.jpgLast month we wrote about how Docket Review is conducted over at the Justice Department’s Special Litigation Section (SPL). Attorneys who have worked under Shanetta Cutlar, chief of the section, have described Docket Review with her as an excruciating experience.
Since then, we’ve received some more information about the process. A recent email from a former SPL employee begins:

Many, including myself, are so grateful for your Shanetta Cutlar coverage. Many are able to vent and tell their true stories — or shall I say nightmares.

Your coverage has been lighthearted in tone. But with all due repect, the unprofessional mental, emotional and physical cruelty inflicted by Shanetta is indeed a FACT. This is a cry for help.

Many staff members, including deputies, have complained of physical illness related to the toxic stressful working environment within the Special Litigation Section. Some SPL staff have complained of severe headaches, viomitting and diarrhea.

Continued commentary, including a behind-the-scenes look at “Docket Review,” after the jump.

In our earlier post, Shanetta Y. Cutlar’s Docket Review came across as a (highly successful) attempt by SYC to torture certain attorneys who are out of her favor. As our tipster points out, even if Docket Review may LOOK effortless, a lot of hard work goes into inflicting such misery:

Before Docket Reviews, Shanetta has already laid her strategic plan into motion, to grind her unprofessional axe on her next unsuspecting victims (who perhaps did not speak to her on the way to the ladies room). Shanetta will meet with her team of deputies, and directly dictate her personal instructions, BEFORE the actual Docket Reviews take place.

Sad to say, many are targeted for no apparent reason other than the fact that they have landed somehow on Shanetta’s hit list.

Our earlier correspondent described Docket Review’s unique ability to put “the entire Section… in an uproar — for days.” Our latest emailer agrees:

During Docket Review time, SPL is a sight to see. People are peeping around corners to see who’s crying, cursing, or holding back tears as they return back to their office.

After docket reviews, it’s a ritual for Shanetta, [Principal Deputy] Tammie [Gregg], and sometimes [Deputy Chief] Judy [Preston] to get together [for a closed-door debriefing session]. They laugh hysterically about the cruel mental treatment they have subjected the hardworking DOJ attorneys to. Sad to say, they take pleasure and delight in staff attorneys’ anger, tears, and frustration during Docket Review. Is this Justice?

An interesting digression about relations between Shanetta Cutlar and Judy Prescott, one of her deputies:

Judy Prescott is included [in the debriefings] depending on Shanetta’s mood. You see, Shanetta swings back and forth with Judy. Some days they are cool, and the next day she is referred to as “that stinky Judy”.

Poor unsuspecting Judy does not know that Shanetta moved her next door to her office to watch and monitor her company. (Other deputies often huddled in Judy’s office, to discuss the SPL dragon in secret.) Shanetta stated that the office move would allow her to keep a eye on Judy and monitor her office company during working hours.

Guess what? Shanetta does not know that Judy is not the Shanetta fan she thinks she is…

Is it just us, or is the DOJ sounding very Heathers right now?
More from our source:

Come take a surprise walk through the Special Litigation Section. You will find a quiet and stressed atomosphere, with closed doors. You will most likely find Shanetta in Judy’s office, venting and pulling her into her meanspirited web of drama — Judy, who has no choice but to listen and ACT as if she is on her side.

Of course, it’s no secret that [Shanetta’s] own Deputy Team walks on eggshells. They realize they must play her cruel games to survive — and keep a steady paycheck coming. If you don’t agree, and laugh at her twisted train of thoughts as she tries to justify her twisted deeds, you are HISTORY.

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