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Skaddenfreude: Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGIt’s time for a new thread on associate compensation developments, since the last thread was some time ago.
There doesn’t seem to be much to report lately. But here’s some fodder for discussion: a recent post at the WSJ Law Blog, concerning a Crain’s New York Business feature entitled “The Business of Law Report.” Money quote:

Following on our “Good Time for 2Ls” post last week, there’s a story, “2nd-Tier Schools Merit a Second Look.” “With demand for lawyers skyrocketing, recruiting and hiring on local campuses ranging from New York Law School to Hofstra, Rutgers and St. John’s has become as important to many elite firms as visiting high-echelon schools. Firms are learning to appreciate the background and experience of many students at these second-tier schools.”

We see that Loyola 2L has already condemned this as a siren song, luring the unwary to the rocks of a tier two law school. But we suspect that his is a minority view.
A Report on a Business of Law Report [WSJ Law Blog]
Good Times for 2Ls [WSJ Law Blog]

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