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Sullivan & Cromwell v. Charney: Do You Know Aaron Charney?

Aaron Charney 3 Aaron Charney Aaron Charney headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Above the Law Aaron Charney Aaron Charney Sullivan Cromwell.JPGIf so, then the MSM would like to speak with you. Here’s an email from Robert Kolker, of New York magazine (which we reprint with his permission):

I’m a journalist working quickly on a long-form magazine feature story about Aaron Charney. Part of the story would benefit from some insight from people who know him, either now or even remember him back during law school – but there’s no need for this insight to be on the record. I’d appreciate a chance to talk on the phone about Aaron – again, confidentially.

I can assure everyone of the utmost discretion and fairness. They can call me at 212-508-0811, or email me, and I’ll be happy to give them more information.

Many thanks,

Bob Kolker
(212) 508-0811
robert_kolker AT newyorkmag DOT com

A long-form magazine piece on Aaron Charney? We can hardly wait! If you know Aaron Charney firsthand, we beg you to contact Mr. Kolker, so he can have the benefit of your insight.
In addition, we’d love to hear from you ourselves. We’ve heard from a few people who know Aaron personally, but we’d welcome more.
After the jump, we reprint comments from two law school classmates of Aaron.

Here’s an email:

Knew Aaron Charney in law school — took all of our 1L classes together, although we were not “friends.” as much as very well-acquainted.

He is a great guy. His homosexuality was not his calling card. What he projected most was the image of a future bigwig NY corporate lawyer in the making — a legal “Alex Keaton” type.

He came straight out of college to law school, and he was all over it for being so green! I remember how proud and happy he seemed when he told me he was going to summer at S&C.

Having worked in big NYC firms before law school, I knew a bit more than many of my classmates re: big firm culture. I thought Aaron, unlike some others, would actually be happy and would thrive at S&C. I honestly could never imagine him destroying his much desired career without true cause. And I couldn’t possibly believe he was anything other than a very professional reliable associate. I am so sad for him and PROUD of him!

Go Team Aaron!

We also spoke by telephone with another Columbia schoolmate of Aaron Charney. This individual described Aaron as a “champion for the firm” and “a recruiter” for S&C:

“His enthusiasm played a big part in my decision to summer at the firm. I found it rather funny, in an ironic sense, to learn [that he had sued S&C].”

Before the S&C apologists jump all over us for pro-Charney bias, please note: We work with what we’ve got. We don’t make stuff up out of whole cloth (at least not most of the time).
It just so happens that the emails we’ve received about Aaron Charney have been positive. But if you know Charney personally and have something NEGATIVE to say about him, please email us. We’re all ears!
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