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The Stock Market Plunge: It’s All Our Fault

wall street plunge Above the Law blog.gifAs you can see from our Programming Note, we stepped away from the computer at around 3 PM today.
Which is just about the time the Dow Jones decided to take a 200-point plunge. The Dow ended the day down 416.02 points, or 3.29 percent — in terms of points, the worst day since the market reopened after 9/11. (The S&P 500 fell 3.47 percent, and the Nasdaq fell 3.86 percent.)
Coincidence? We think not. Apparently the stability of world financial markets requires us to keep ourselves planted in front of our computer all day.
Check out the excellent coverage of the market meltdown over at our big sibling, DealBreaker. John Carney hung out and got drunk with a bunch of traders. This “reporting” thing sure sounds fun!
Update: Matt Drudge is also trying to take credit for the stock market plunge, by linking to this article, Did the Drudge Report Help Tank the Stock Market?
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