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Tier 3 Law Students Are Hotter: A Correction

The title of our recent photo post should have been “Tier TWO Law Students Are Hotter.” According to several commenters, the pictured students are from St. John’s Law School, rather than New York Law School. Since we didn’t chat with these students about their law school — we erroneously assumed the conference attendees were all from NYLS — we will take these commenters’ word for it.
For the record, St. John’s is a tier two law school. It’s ranked #80 by U.S. News — again, for whatever those rankings are worth. You can debate that in the comments if you like.
Here was the other comment that caught our eye:

As one of the people actually pictured above, I want to let everyone know that Lat took our pictures under false pretenses. We specifically asked him if he was from NYLS and if he was taking our pictures for publicity purposes–and he said that he was. What a liar. I’m glad that the bloggers here are so honest and reliable.

We have multiple responses:
(a) We have no way of verifying whether this commenter is in fact one of the pictured students. But we can tell you that we NEVER represented ourselves as (i) from NYLS or (ii) a publicity photographer.
Subject us to a lie detector test; ask the videographer if he kept his recording equipment running after the end of the panel, and grab his footage; seek whatever verification you can. We did NOT claim to be publicity photographers from NYLS. If this commenter is in fact one of the pictured students, he or she misheard us.
(b) Considering the equipment we were using — a small, crappy, non-professional camera — one would have to be a MORON to mistake us for a publicity photographer. There was a REAL publicity photographer at the various events — a woman with a large, fancy camera — who made herself conspicuous throughout the day. The flash on her camera annoyed John Osborn at the luncheon talk.
(c) Another reason no one would confuse us for a publicity photographer is that we were typing vigorously on a laptop, rather than taking photographs, during all of the panels. The ACTUAL publicity photographer, mentioned above, was running around the room with her top-of-the-line camera, crouching and clicking, crouching and clicking. Which is what publicity photographers do.
(d) No publicity photographer would chit chat and hobnob with conference attendees as much as we were doing. It would be gross dereliction of photographic duty.
(e) Assuming arguendo these allegations are true — which they are NOT — it would be irrelevant.
Here’s why. Let’s say we HAD been a publicity photographer from NYLS. Where would these pictures have ended up? In the photographer’s private wank collection?
No. The photos would have wound up ON THE INTERNET. A publicity photographer who keeps his pictures in a drawer, instead of making them publicly available, would be a pretty poor publicity photographer.
So if this commenter is in fact one of the pictured students, we have an apology to offer:

We’re sorry you misheard us. And we’re sorry you’re an unobservant moron.

That’s all. We will not say anything further about this “controversy.” Thank you.

(hidden for your protection)

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