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Bong Hits 4 ATL: A Photo Essay (Part 2)

On the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, after his oral argument in Morse v. Frederick, Dean Kenneth W. Starr has an epiphany. He realizes why he decided to take on this case, pro bono.
It’s because his client, petitioner Deborah Morse — a curvaceous, dark-haired beauty — reminded him of a young woman he once loved, many years ago…
Bong Hits 15.JPG

This morning we posted the first half of our photographs from our recent trip to the Supreme Court. The rest of the pictures appear after the jump.

Bong Hits 8.JPG
This is pretty clever. But don’t expect to change Scalia’s mind.
Bong Hits 9.JPG
Oh, the irony — getting ticketed for exercising your free speech rights over a case about free speech.
Bong Hits 10.JPG
Bong Hits 11.JPG
“Are you trying to seduce me, Katherine Harris?
Bong Hits 12.JPG
Apparently he didn’t go to U. Chicago for law school.
Bong Hits 13.JPG
Student protestors bring the mainstream media to their knees.
Bong Hits 14.JPG
“I thought we were to discuss a referral which we believe contains substantial and credible information of potential impeachable offenses by the President of the United States….”
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