Addison Butler LLP Stephan Addison Benjamin Butler Stephen Addison.jpgWe’re short on time, so we’ll have to be brief. But we expect that you will have plenty of comments on this post.
First read this. Then read this. Thoughts?
Our two reactions:
1. This wins the Gallion & Spielvogel award for Self-Aggrandizement by a Boutique Law Firm:

Addison & Butler LLP is a full service law firm with its primary office located in the City of Chicago. Incorporating years of experience practicing law at two of the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms, the attorneys of Addison & Butler LLP offer a full range of legal services for businesses and individuals nationwide.

“Primary office”? From their contact info page, it looks like it’s their ONLY office.
2. We think that Stephan Addison and Benjamin Butler will work well as a team. They’ve been through a lot together. And it sounds like they certainly have affection for each other, too.
Addison & Butler LLP [official website]
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