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The Week Opinion Awards: A Photo Essay

Week Opinion Awards 1.JPG
Sir Harold Evans reaches out to choke Claire Shipman, while Jim Lehrer giggles girlishly. Tucker Carlson and Tom Friedman are bored off their gourds.
Sometimes it feels like all we do is attend parties — it’s that time of year here in DC. On Tuesday night, we schlepped up to Georgetown for the annual Opinion Awards, sponsored by The Week magazine.
In case you’re not familiar with it, The Week describes itself — accurately, in our view — as “a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinion, and ideas from the U.S. and international media. It’s smart, incisive, wry.” It reminds us a lot of The Economist, in that after you finish reading it, you feel caught up with what’s going on in the world. But unlike The Economist, you can actually read it in one sitting.
(Okay, that’s it for the plug. But we felt that we owed them a plug, since dinner was delicious).
We saw our former co-blogger, Alex Pareene of Wonkette, at the dinner. His entertaining write-up of the evening appears here. A gallery of professional photographs, by the talented Liz Gorman, are available here.
And some decidedly non-professional photographs by us, after the jump.

Week Opinion Awards 2.JPG
Hey look — it’s Teresa Heinz Kerry! She CRAZY!
(And she’s African-American, too.)
Week Opinion Awards 3.JPG
Week Opinion Awards 4.JPG
Ever since the whole Valerie Plame thing, Matt Cooper takes everything with a grain of salt.
Week Opinion Awards 5.JPG
Former White House staffer Debbie Fine, general counsel of the Center for American Progress, and her dashing dinner companion (whose name was either Greg or Craig; he told us he was a sex columnist). Check out the hair on that chest!
Week Opinion Awards 6.JPG
Somehow we don’t see Teresa Heinz Kerry as the coupon-clipping type.
Week Opinion Awards 7.JPG
Cable news host (and former Dancing With the Stars contestant) Tucker Carlson, surrounded by adoring groupies.
Week Opinion Awards 8.JPG
Tucker Carlson listens attentively to Teresa Heinz Kerry — but he has to pee REALLY BADLY…
(Asparagus was served with the lamb entree. And asaparagus makes urination fun!)
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