Snell Wilmer LLP Character Comes Through Above the Law blog.jpgLast week, we did an item on Judge Dale Kimball (D. Utah) benchslapping some Snell & Wilmer lawyers for allegedly engaging in questionable conduct involving the court’s time stamp machine and outside drop box.
Yesterday the WSJ Law Blog put up a post on the controversy. Most of their post will be familiar to readers of our earlier item. But here’s a new tidbit they unearthed:

The Law Blog spoke with Alan Sullivan, managing partner of Snell & Wilmer’s Salt Lake City office, who said that his law firm took responsibility for the improperly dated court filings. He also confirmed said that a Snell & Wilmer associate staffed on the Yamaha matter resigned from the law firm on Friday.

A question: Was the associate in question entirely responsible for the alleged conduct? Or did partner Tracy Fowler, who remains at Snell & Wilmer, know anything about it?
In case you’re curious, we believe that this individual is the associate who resigned last week. Her bio on the Snell & Wilmer website was functional as of Friday, but it has since been taken down. If you go to where her bio used to be, you’re informed that “the current record has been deleted.”
Thank God for Google Cache and For those of you who are curious — nobody’s forcing you to look at it — a screenshot of this associate’s bio appears after the jump.

Here’s the screencap. If you don’t like the fact that this material continues to be available, even though it no longer appears on the active Snell & Wilmer website, please take it up with Google Cache and Thank you.
Angela Stander bio cached archived Snell Wilmer Above the Law blog.JPG
Backdating, Lawyer Style [WSJ Law Blog]
Snell & Wilmer bio [Google cache]
Snell & Wilmer bio []
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