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A Portrait of Monica Goodling As a Young Woman

Thanks to the commenter who drew this to our attention. Click on the image below for a larger, clearer version of Monica Goodling’s former Regent University webpage:
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Yesterday we declared our intention “to stake out our position as the leading pro-Monica outlet… by vigorously praising and defending Monica Goodling in all of her fabulosity.” We described Goodling as a “fascinating and appealing personality” — and this ancient homepage only increases her allure.
Why do we say this? Find out, after the jump.

What’s great about Monica Goodling’s old website is that it makes her more intriguing than ever. It gives her a fascinating backstory, one at odds with what we know about her today.
Recent news coverage of Monica Goodling has cast her as a smart and savvy political operative, a conservative version of Libby Holden from Primary Colors. She’s been depicted as ruthlessly efficient and unsentimental, willing to advance the Administration’s agenda by whatever means necessary.
But study her old law school homepage. Gaze upon the photo of a barefoot and carefree Goodling, staring off into the horizon (and compare it to her current look). Consider the girlishly turquoise font. Read her earnest attempts at poetry, including her idealistic desire “to leave the world a better place,” and her cheery sign-off: “[H]ave a wonderful, wonderful day.”*
After an exegesis of her webpage, we’re left wondering: What caused Monica Goodling to undergo such a dramatic metamorphosis? How did she go from being a starry-eyed, somewhat saccharine law student, into a strong-willed, high-powered DOJ diva? Was she, like so many others before her, transformed by Washington’s inside-the-Beltway culture? In short: When did Monica Goodling lose her innocence?
We suspect there’s a great story here that’s just waiting to be told. And we’d like to do whatever we can to tell the tale of Monica Goodling.
* Note also Goodling’s view of email: “Send me an email if you want… I love to get mail.” Considering that so much of the U.S. Attorney scandal unfolded through DOJ emails, we wonder if she feels the same way today.
Monica M. Goodling homepage [Regent University via]

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