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Brokeback Lawfirm: A Few More Photos

sc1 Paul Caminiti Vivia Chen Daniel Alterman Dan Alterman Above the Law blog.JPG
Leaving New York Supreme Court after last week’s hearing in Aaron Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell: Paul Caminiti of Sard Verbinnen, a former lawyer turned public relations guru, retained by S&C for the Charney matter; Vivia Chen of The American Lawyer, as stylish as ever; and Dan Alterman of Alterman & Boop, counsel to Aaron Charney, rocking the whole “lovable schlub” look.
A few more photographs, after the jump.

sc2 Dan Alterman Daniel Alterman Vivia Chen Paul Caminiti Above the Law blog.JPG
Still on the courthouse steps: Dan Alterman, Vivia Chen, Paul Caminiti. Note how Chen’s leopard-print umbrella matches her handbag. Who says reporters are all fashion-impaired, ink-stained wretches?
sc4 Charles Stillman Above the Law blog.JPG
The patrician and distinguished Charles Stillman, looking confident and happy as he emerges from 60 Centre Street.
sc5 Zach Fasman Zachary Fasman Zack Fasman Above the Law blog.JPG
Zachary Fasman of Paul Hastings, counsel to S&C, does some “bending over” of his own.
sc6 Aaron Charney Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Above the Law blog.JPG
Plaintiff Aaron Charney, looking cheerful and friendly. Sorry this pic is so blurry. We were so excited to see ABC, we couldn’t hold the camera still.
Additional photos, of higher quality — click on the thumbnails to enlarge — are available from Lavi Soloway.

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