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The Jurisdiction Stripper: Adriana Dominguez’s Ex Speaks Out

Adriana Dominguez 2 Brooklyn Law School Playboy Above the Law blog.JPGSpeaking of the New York tabloids, they’re having a field day — as well they should — with the story of Adriana Dominguez, the Brooklyn Law School student cum Playboy TV stripper (blogged about here and here).
Here’s the latest article, from the New York Daily News, about this legally blonde, Ivy League-educated exhibitionist. An excerpt:

Adriana Dominguez, who’s in her final year at Brooklyn Law School, blabbed about her sexy exploits all around campus, said former flame Sean Kalish.

“She told everyone in school, ‘This is what I did, watch this,'” said Kalish, 25, a fellow third-year student at the school.

Please, Sean, don’t be so modest. Weren’t you part of the video too? As noted here, Mr. Kalish grabs Ms. Dominguez’s ass in the video — and spanks it.

“It was definitely not my wisest moment,” he said at his Manhattan apartment building. “I already have a job lined up. I’m hoping my employer doesn’t find out. I’m quite embarrassed by all this. I wish it didn’t happen.”

Does anyone know where Kalish has a job offer from? Unless he’s working at, say, the public defender’s office in Salina, Kansas, we suspect they will find out about his budding television career.
She wasn’t camera-shy: Ex says Brooklyn law student blabbed all over campus about Playboy video [New York Daily News]

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