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All Hail the Queen: Monica Goodling on Capitol Hill (Part 3)

Monica Goodling 2 Monica M Goodling Above the Law blog.jpg12:25: We’re back from that “five minute” recess. (They run a tighter ship over on the Senate side of the Hill.)
12:27: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is up. This is gonna be GOOD.
SJL is one of our favorite Capitol Hill divas — and she qualifies as a diva under even the most stringent definition of the term. From our days of blogging at Wonkette, we have enough stories about her to fill volumes.
Jackson Lee to Goodling: “We have limited time, so I ask that you keep your answers as cryptic as possible….”
Cryptic? JEEZ….
Of course she starts off interrogating Goodling about the Howard grad whose hiring Goodling delayed. So predictable.
She also asks Goodling to state the name of the Deputy Attorney General (Paul McNulty). Was that a question? WTF???
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12:38: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) asks Goodling if she used her “opposition research” skills, honed during her time in politics, after she moved over to the DOJ.
Goodling: “I used Lexis and Westlaw, yes.”
Oh those dark arts! Waters makes “opposition research” sound so mysterious, sexy, complex. Like Googling someone = neurosurgery.
12:42: Conyers: “The gentlelady has expired…” We assume he was referring to her time.
12:45: The floor now belongs to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has too many double consonants in his name.
Issa tosses out some softball questions, not super-interesting, mostly about Carol Lam. But he does get in a few snarky jabs at Maxine Waters.
12:50: Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MA) has a Boston accent that makes Teddy Kennedy’s sound like the Queen’s English. His pronunciation of “executive order” makes it sound like what President Bush gives off after an afternoon of vigorous brush clearing.
12:55: Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) zeroes in on the Regent University Law School connection. He notes that Goodling is a cum laude graduate from Regent. Goodling points out that she has a masters in public policy as well as a law degree from Regent.
Rep. Pence notes that he is himself a graduate of a Christian college. He points out that there is nothing improper about a conservative president hiring graduates of conservative schools.
1:00: Rep. Stephen Cohen (D-TN) goes after Goodling about Regent Law School and its mission. He asks her, with respect to the justice system, “what is the will of our Almighty God the Creator?”
(Please keep your answer cryptic, Ms. Goodling. Thanks.)
Cohen asks Goodling about whether there are a lot of Regent grads at the Department of Justice.
Goodling: “I think we have a lot more people from Harvard and Yale.”
Cohen: “That’s refreshing.”
An odd exchange. Cohen just made fun of both Regent (Tier 4) and Yale (Tier 1).
But we think we know why. Cohen is a 1973 graduate of the University of Memphis School of Law. Tier 3, represent!!!
1:05: Conyers announces that the committee will now recess, for three votes — plus lunch.
Conyers: “The room will be cleared, except for unauthorized… (Laughter)…. authorized staff. We will resume at two o’clock sharp.”
We’re going to put up some non-Monica posts now. When we resume liveblogging the hearing, we will do so in a new post. See you later.
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