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Judge Sam Sparks Does It Again

Remember Judge Sam Sparks, of the Western District of Texas? He’s a colorful judge with a robust sense of humor, as well as a low tolerance for lawyer shenanigans and quarrels.

Back in 2004, Judge Sparks compared bickering lawyers in his court to kindergarteners. His saucy order made the email rounds, first in Texas, then around the country.

And now he offers up this poetic order, in rhymed couplets:

Keystone Media Hancock order 1 Above the Law blog.jpg

The rest of this judicial ditty, including the punchline, appears after the jump.


Keystone Media Hancock order 2 Above the Law blog.jpg

(As regular ATL readers know, we just got back from vacation. We did a preemption check before posting this item, but it was cursory. So if this federal judicial poem already appeared on another website or blog, we apologize. If you wrote about it previously for your site, send us a link to your post, and we’ll append it here.)

‘Antagonistic Motions’ Spark Retort From Judge [Texas Lawyer]

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